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2010 Challenges

My feed reader is weeping.  Weeping, I tell you!  I had so many blog posts starred and saved for later that it was just buckling under the pressure.

Well, its 2010 and I’ve officially jumped into the book blogging world.  This is a place for me to keep track of my reading habits, find some good reads and maybe make a few friends along the way.  If you’re looking for a really well thought out, intelligent review on the newest top seller, this won’t be the blog for you.  In fact, my grammar has probably already scared you off.

One of the first facets of book blogging that I came into contact with were reading challenges.  Imagine that!  Little challenges that help you read books you might not have read in the first place!  Something I can do and be involved in!

So my poor feed reader was mightily abused this past month as I saved every reading challenge I was interested in participating in.  In the end, I joined 11 challenges, all year-long ones, that will require at least 100 books to be read by the end of December.  Meep.  No pressure, right?

You can see the challenges that made the cut here.

There were some close call challenges as well.  These were ones that I was tempted to sign up for, but in the end, decided not to overdo myself.  I may try a few throughout the year, but no promises:

Neil Gaiman Reading Challenge
Marple-Poirot-Holmes Challenge
Horns and Halos Challenge
Great Books Challenge
Complete Booker Challenge

The best of luck to the blogging community as a whole on these challenges and the many more that are floating around the internet.  May you read all fantastic books and find new authors to love and adore!

Now.  Who’s ready for some reading?


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Hello world!

Hello world, how did you stumble onto my “corner” of the internet?

For now, this is a placeholder post, as I am not quite ready to jump both feet first into the book blogging community.  Here’s the skinny:  I’m a 20-something woman who loves to read but found herself reading the same books over and over again, never trying something new.

Most of this was due to the fact that my memory is shite.  I’d be halfway through a book before realizing that I’d read it already… and hated it to boot.  So this journal, Librarinth, is an attempt to straighten out the maze of books I’ve wandered into; A journal, if you will, of where I’ve gone in my reading adventures.


The fun begins January 1st.  Until then, I’m still toying with a few details.

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